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Great Story!

Sera is a great main character. Before her father’s death she was spoiled, but she sees the world through different eyes after everything that happened to her. I enjoyed witnessing that transformation. The book ends on a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to find out what will happen to her next.  Suze Lavender

Vals, Gang-Bangers…and Night Angels

This book is an amazing ride.
Nice balance of real and paranormal worlds, and a fascinating plot point about ancient tunnels under the modern city of Los Angeles. Sera is flawed, angry and utterly believable. I want more!

Christine Potter

This book exceeded my expectations


KH Mezek has created a fantastic world.



A gripping book about a girl who has to grow up fast

KH Mezek’s writing flows easily. Her story is based on ancient history and I loved the way she writes about it. The world building is amazing too and I loved that the story is set in different countries. Sera slowly gathers wisdom and I enjoyed witnessing that process. There is still plenty of action in this book but there are more subtle battles that are being fought as well. I loved that combination. I think this series is fabulous and can’t wait to read the next book.

This is a rollicking tale–and a wise and sometimes heartbreaking read

This book is full of masks and swords and holy men, street kids, and spoiled, shallow Angelenos…and creatures called denizens: very civilized and evolved vampires who roam the world in daylight and no longer attack human beings. Denizens, like vampires, are immortal. But they still drink blood, and they have to get the stuff from somewhere. Where their sustenance comes from is a key plot point and a fine metaphor for the deals we all make with the devil.

As Keeper of the Key of Mystery, Sera finds herself in a complicated battle for the future of her home, her city, and possibly the world. What (or who) really is in those tunnels under the city of Los Angeles? Is Sera’s dad really dead? Who really has Sera’s heart? The merely human but great-hearted Jimmy–or the insanely attractive and wise denizen Peter?

Her love for one Night Angel