Upside Down: Mavis

Break Free

the last chapter of luminaria!

Since December, Terror House Magazine has been publishing installments of my science fiction novel, Luminaria. Now we’ve reached the last chapter…or is it?

I’m already working on the next ten chapters.

Over these past few months this has given me a chance to see reactions and make changes so that when the book is published sometime around August it will be the best version possible.

It’s okay to read this last chapter. It will leave you with more questions than answers.

Luminaria, Chapter 10: Upside Down — Mavis (


I spent six months in Camarillo State Hospital. Why? Because I refused to say what I saw with my own two eyes at that theater didn’t happen. You think the doctors of death died out with Nazi Germany? Well, they didn’t. They’re still very much alive right here in the good old US of A…

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Break Free

chapter nine, part 2, published now at Terror House magazine

What a perfect universe this is. What a perfect balance of foulness and beauty. Violence and peace. Chaos and harmony. Emotion and intellect.

Who are the gods? Whose hand is above them all? Not even I know that. We know nothing, really. Except that emotions are what give us meaning. And what makes us weak.

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a man from another world and I bore a child in pain. That child was taken from me. I gave up the pain and the pleasure of my own life to take on the pains and pleasures of Oran.

I gave up my child. Why should I think I could get her back again?

Continue reading Luminaria, Chapter 9: Balancing Act — Ith Daktar San, Part 2 (

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Undercover: Farida

The story continues.

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firefly lane: chapter 7: part I, published today at Terror house magazine

I saw things and did things that would make an ordinary person lose their humanity. And maybe I did. Or maybe I’d already gone so far down that rabbit hole, I didn’t even realize it. The situations I got into, I didn’t care. I did it for a bigger purpose….

Firefly Lane, Chapter 7: Undercover — Farida, Part 1 (

Things heat up in Chapter 7. Please be aware, there is explicit violence and rape in this chapter.

It’s been a fantastic journey creating ten badass women, imbuing each one with strengths and weaknesses to help or hinder them along their way. Nothing stops Farida. If I were ever in a dangerous situation I’d want her by my side. In fact, I can think of a few times where she could have been helpful.

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Vishnu Way: Erolin

The next installment in Firefly Lane

Break Free

Chapter 6, Part I

firefly lane

Firefly Lane, Chapter 6: Vishnu Way — Erolin, Part 1 (

Follow the link above to read the next installment in this tale of ten women and the revenge they seek on Lance Rey, the most successful science fiction writer of all time.

This chapter tells the story of Erolin. Here is a short excerpt:

Last night, I dreamed of my mother. It’s always the same dream. She’s lying in the birthing room beneath the glaring clinical lights. Shackled to the bed, she thrashes and tries to escape, but it’s useless. She screams and pushes and so I am born. I scream, too, like all babies do if they have any sense. Who wouldn’t protest entering such a world?

The Sisters of High Calling take me away and my mother’s eyes follow, trying to catch one small glimpse. Please, don’t take my baby, she…

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How It Happened: Adonai

Latest chapter from FIREFLY LANE

Break Free

The next installment in

firefly lane:

Tales of earth & oran

Read it here: Firefly Lane Archives (

Follow ten badass women and their intersecting stories as they seek revenge on Lance Rey, the most successful science fiction writer of all time.

A taste of Chapter 5 below. The first insight we get into what’s happening on planet Oran.

To say I haven’t been happy with what’s been going on lately is an understatement. Lance Rey is out of control. I am one of the few people who knows the truth about him. Well, one of the few on planet Earth anyway.

Oran is another story.

There is no one more hated on Oran than Lance Rey. At least amongst the common folk. What he did to Stryker Gunn and his sister is unconscionable. He must be punished.

Let me tell you how it happened.

Believe me or not. But…

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Hello! I’ve been off of here for a while. I spent the last almost three years in Luxor, Egypt, writing a new work called Firefly Lane. It is being published in installments with Terror House Press, to be published in book form in Spring 2021.
NOW, I am almost finished with Land of Talismans, Book 4 in The Night Angles Chronicles. It’s the best one yet so I will be excited to share it!

Break Free

Tales of earth & oran, love & revenge

Published in Terror House Magazine

There aren’t any fireflies in Los Angeles. Everyone knows that.

But I saw them that night at the café. And, okay, I might have been a bit, you know, fucked up, but I’m telling you, I saw them. I think it had something to do with Lance Rey.

Okay, it had everything to do with Lance Rey.

Aarabaythia on Planet Oran

FIREFLY LANE: Tales of Earth & Oran, Love & Revenge, is being published by Terror House Press sometime in Spring/Summer of 2021. In the meantime, you can read the chapters published once a week in Terror House Magazine, link above.

This is a sci-fi/dark fantasy work following the adventures of ten women seeking revenge on one man: Lance Rey, the most successful science fiction writer of all time.

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Published today in Terror House Magazine

Break Free

wrong turn: lilly

Chapter 4, part II

At the precinct, I figured I would sort it out. But when we arrived, no one would pay attention to anything I said. I was fingerprinted, photographed, and put into a holding room along with the other women. When I tried to insist I didn’t belong here, I was told if I kept at it, new charges would be thrown on me.

“I need to make a phone call.” I shouted through the bars.

No one listened.

I turned around and realized all the women were staring at me and they didn’t look amused. My eyes met those of the woman who had kicked me and I quickly dropped my gaze and tried to retreat into a corner. It was too late. She elbowed her way towards me. She was a big woman, mean and bitter-looking. But there was a feral intelligence in…

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Key of Mystery & Book of Angles nominated for Raven Award

Nominate Key of Mystery for Raven Award

Hello Friends! Thank you to everyone who has believed in my writing and encouraged me along the way. Key of Mystery and Book of Angels have BOTH been nominated for a Raven Award. It sure would mean a lot to me if my followers would go to the link above, scroll down to the second category, New Adult/Young Adult, click on Key of Mystery (I figure it’s best to nominate the first book in the series), then scroll to the bottom of the category and click on “vote.” It takes all of ten seconds, literally. But for me and all the years of working on this series, it means more than you can imagine.

What people are saying about NIGHT ANGELS CHRONICLES:


“This is an addictive fantasy series that has ties to historical figures, vampires and politics in L. A.”

“This is a rollicking tale–and a wise and sometimes heartbreaking read.”

“K. H. Mezek’s writing flows easily. Her story is based on ancient history and I loved the way she writes about it.”

“Key of Mystery starts out showing how quickly and radically a person’s life can change…. I like how the author develops the characters, explores the unknown, forbidden, ancient chambers [beneath Los Angeles], and introduces supernatural powers, which add to the suspense of this very well written novel. I found myself getting involved and caught up in the drama of Sera’s life as it was unfolding….. This book exceeded my expectations.”