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Break Free

the last chapter of luminaria!

Since December, Terror House Magazine has been publishing installments of my science fiction novel, Luminaria. Now we’ve reached the last chapter…or is it?

I’m already working on the next ten chapters.

Over these past few months this has given me a chance to see reactions and make changes so that when the book is published sometime around August it will be the best version possible.

It’s okay to read this last chapter. It will leave you with more questions than answers.

Luminaria, Chapter 10: Upside Down — Mavis (


I spent six months in Camarillo State Hospital. Why? Because I refused to say what I saw with my own two eyes at that theater didn’t happen. You think the doctors of death died out with Nazi Germany? Well, they didn’t. They’re still very much alive right here in the good old US of A…

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Break Free

chapter nine, part 2, published now at Terror House magazine

What a perfect universe this is. What a perfect balance of foulness and beauty. Violence and peace. Chaos and harmony. Emotion and intellect.

Who are the gods? Whose hand is above them all? Not even I know that. We know nothing, really. Except that emotions are what give us meaning. And what makes us weak.

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a man from another world and I bore a child in pain. That child was taken from me. I gave up the pain and the pleasure of my own life to take on the pains and pleasures of Oran.

I gave up my child. Why should I think I could get her back again?

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