Undercover: Farida

The story continues.

Break Free

firefly lane: chapter 7: part I, published today at Terror house magazine

I saw things and did things that would make an ordinary person lose their humanity. And maybe I did. Or maybe I’d already gone so far down that rabbit hole, I didn’t even realize it. The situations I got into, I didn’t care. I did it for a bigger purpose….

Firefly Lane, Chapter 7: Undercover — Farida, Part 1 (terrorhousemag.com)

Things heat up in Chapter 7. Please be aware, there is explicit violence and rape in this chapter.

It’s been a fantastic journey creating ten badass women, imbuing each one with strengths and weaknesses to help or hinder them along their way. Nothing stops Farida. If I were ever in a dangerous situation I’d want her by my side. In fact, I can think of a few times where she could have been helpful.

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Vishnu Way: Erolin

The next installment in Firefly Lane

Break Free

Chapter 6, Part I

firefly lane

Firefly Lane, Chapter 6: Vishnu Way — Erolin, Part 1 (terrorhousemag.com)

Follow the link above to read the next installment in this tale of ten women and the revenge they seek on Lance Rey, the most successful science fiction writer of all time.

This chapter tells the story of Erolin. Here is a short excerpt:

Last night, I dreamed of my mother. It’s always the same dream. She’s lying in the birthing room beneath the glaring clinical lights. Shackled to the bed, she thrashes and tries to escape, but it’s useless. She screams and pushes and so I am born. I scream, too, like all babies do if they have any sense. Who wouldn’t protest entering such a world?

The Sisters of High Calling take me away and my mother’s eyes follow, trying to catch one small glimpse. Please, don’t take my baby, she…

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